December 6th to December 31st 2019

Dezerland Park Orlando
Ph +1 407 393 8068


Experience and enjoy Christmas traditions from different countries, see how the holidays are celebrated around the world, it’s a wonderful opportunity for the whole family to learn how people from other countries have carried their traditions from generation to generation, what they wear, how they celebrate, what they do for Christmas eve and Christmas day, what meaning does it have for them, what special festivity is celebrated during the holidays and what happy memories do they keep from their traditions and celebrations of the holidays. Each country will showcase their own presentations of how Christmas is celebrated in their country with shows, music, storytelling, entertainment, decorations and lots of lights.

It’s a fun time to meet and greet, rejoice, share, learn, celebrate and participate.
That’s what Christmas is all about 😊


You and your family will have the opportunity to travel around the world without having to go far, one stop, 12 countries, all in one place at Christmas in America. Learn from the different cultures gathered at our event, take a trip to every country and immerse yourself for a brief moment to experience a cultural journey that will leave you curious to learn more about each country and its culture

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